• 21~30 W-Card Resources
  • 21~30 C-Card Resources


NPC Coordinates
Vito E25, N26
Harold E03, N15
Samson E03, N15
Moe Kenmochi E21, N26
Jack E14, N12
Richard E19, N17
Zack E19, N18
John E19, N17
Mysterious Man E23, N25
Tim E06, N27
Miyoko E26, N23
Kyle E24, N20
Dean E06, N28
Lily E24, N25


See also: Category:Water Source Monsters

Level Monster
Level 21 Fuming Imp Creature Tome
Level 22 Mr. Mystifying Aggressive
Level 23 Oddball Caterpillar
Level 23 Sea Snail Creature Tome
Level 24 Zilch Spy
Level 24 Willow Wolf Aggressive Creature Tome
Level 26 Sea Commander


Level Monster Coords
Level 22 Mr. Enigmatic Aggressive Boss Creature Tome E29, N18
Level 23 Brave Sea Snail Boss E06, N14
Level 24 Willow Wolf King Aggressive Boss E28, N27


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