The Valkyrie Set was released as a 7 day version on July 12, 2012 and was available for direct purchase. Later, they released a permanent version on July 18, 2012 which was found in a Valkyrie Gacha. The set is wearable by any level and is female only.


When you equip the complete Valkyrie Set, you will acquire the passive skill Soul-Stealing Kiss.
After defeating the target, chance of increasing your Phys and Magic Crit Hit DMG by 25% for 60 seconds.

Contents of CostumeEdit

Contents Effects
Valkyrie Helmet Def +525; Fire, Earth, Air, Water Def +525
Valkyrie Top CON +7, PER +7, Phys and Magic Agility +37
Valkyrie Gloves Phys ASPD & Casting Time +2.0%
Valkyrie Bottom Phys & Magic Crit Hit DMG and DEF +1.0%
Valkyrie Shoes DEX +7, SPI +7, Base HP and MP Rec Rate +7

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