Ubajin Fiesta

Ubajin Fiesta Battle Map


First off, spots for the war are restricted using Domain Points. Sufficient Domain Points are required to sign up a guild for battle. With sufficient Domain Points, a guild may bid for a spot in the war using guild funds (gold). Guilds successfully registered will have a button in their guild interface to allow members to join the war.


UF is centered around the accumulation of Prayer Energy (PE). Prayer Energy is awarded in three ways:

  • Activating the Holy Stone at the base earns the most PE while active.
  • Controlling a Spirit Stone earns a sizable amount of PE while controlled.
  • Killing enemy players results in minimal PE gain.

The war will then end in victory if one of the two conditions below are met:

  • A guild acquires 10,000 PE.
  • A guild has the most PE after 60 minutes.

Holy Stone ActivationEdit

In the center and in both neutral corners of the map are where floating caravans called "Mikoshi" rest waiting for players to contest control over. Once control over a Mikoshi is gained by either side, it will begin to move at a speed dependent on the number of players in that team that are in it's control circle. If all players controlling it are killed, the other team may contest control over it. Once the Mikoshi arrives at a team's base, the Holy Stone Activates and the Mikoshi fades away. Additionally, treasure will spawn at the Holy Stone for that team to pick up. The Holy Stone will remain active until it is destroyed. The Mikoshi used to activate a Holy Stone will not respawn until the Holy Stone is destroyed.

Spirit Stone ControlEdit

In the central ring of the map, in each compass direction, rests the four Spirit Stones. Control for them is contested much the same way as a Mikoshi, but once Control is claimed it takes effect right away. The instant it changes sides, it's control ring with deactivate for 3 minutes (so the other team can not contest control over it for this time). While Spirit Stones are controlled, they additionally offer their controller a new location to respawn at when team members are killed.

Additional NotesEdit

Leaving the battlegrounds for any reason (including disconnecting) will require that player to re-register for it, forcing them to wait for the next open position. Players who remain to the end of the war will receive the rewards for their victory. Performance stats will also appear for players to gauge how well they did.

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