Received Level: 15
Received From: Nathan
Location: Sacred Springs (E22, N07)


  1. Speak to Nathan

Full InformationEdit

It's a dangerous world out there. You'll fare much better if you team up with other adventurers -- especially if you're facing off against a tough monster. It's really easy to Team Up!

First, open the functions menu by pressing hot key "E" or clicking the key icon. In the top left corner of the Commands box, you'll see an icon of a bear with binoculars.

Click the icon, then click the Sign Up button to register and allow players to find you. You can also use the Search function to look at registered players. You might be able to find partners to team up with in a shorter amount of time!

Quick GuideEdit

Use the Team Up window to register so that other players and you can join forces for quests.

  1. Team up for Quest: Register the quest you've taken, and look for players to team up with you.
  2. Team Up for Instance: Invite others to team up to carry out instance quests or adventurers.
  3. Team Up for Area: Search and register various kinds of requirements for teaming up through main cities.


  • 395 Gold
  • 310 EXP

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