[!]Note: This quest can only be completed on Tuesdays!

Received Level: 11
Received From: Bulletin Board
Location: BulletinBoard icon near your map


  1. Go to the Bulletin Board
  2. Right click the item Fish Out of Water to activate the quest
  3. Go to various locations in Crystal Lake as marked on your map:
    • Middle of Crystal Lake (E16, N17) (Claudia)
    • Northwest of Crystal Lake (E10, N09) (Clarisse)
    • Unknown location (Orwell)
  4. Speak to the NPC bathing in the water
  5. Run away once you hit accept. The angry god or goddess will chase you with a series of ranged attacks until you go through the portal into Sacred Springs.
    • PLEASE NOTE: This quest is dangerous at a lower level (LV 11~20) Complete at your own risk.
    • DO NOT try to fight the NPC.
  6. Speak to Piper (E13, N20)
  7. Apologize to Claudia, Clarisse, or Orwell. You will be unable to move for 30 seconds after you finish the quest.


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