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Scarlet is a member of the Fuga, a group of highly skilled ninjas based in the Wind Kingdom. She’s endured Fuga’s rigorous training exercises from a very young age, making her one of Fuga’s finest today. Despite her lackadaisical outward appearance, Scarlet possesses incredible agility and speed. When these natural abilities are combined with her Ninjutsu magic, she can become invisible, shapeshift and even teleport. Her elders believe she has the talent to become one of the greatest ninjas Fuga has ever seen! …That is, if she could stay focused and not make so many careless mistakes!

After Yggdrasil’s collapse, the Wind Kingdom was brought to its knees. On behalf of Fuga, Scarlet set out to Sacred Springs, to find the truth behind the disaster. On the way, she met a handsome stranger – a Machinist named Yuri – and feel head over heels for the mysterious young man. Needless to say, her concentration problems have gotten worse – she’s often lost in thought, dreaming of the day Yuri will return her love. Still, she doesn’t let her daydreams get in the way of her ultimate goal – helping Garrett and the others to restore the world.