• 21~30 W-Card Resources
  • 21~30 C-Card Resources


NPC Coordinates
Vito E04, N27
Johnny E21, N23
Rupert E02, N23
Moe Kenmochi E11, N15
Bella E21, N23/E05, N06
Hanzo E05, N18
Zack E28, N27
Abe no Seimei E26, N28
Jack E21, N23
Mysterious Man E24, N28
Honir E14, N16
Miko E13, N16
Jas E13, N16
Orwell E04, N06
Carp E02, N22
Ryan E13, N13
Kagefuu E11, N14
Jinmaru E11, N15
Terek E28, N26
Kevin E26, N26


See also: Predators' Den Monsters List

Level Monsters
Level 24 Gruff Merling Creature Tome
Level 25 Small Sandbag Aggressive Creature Tome
Level 26 Hooded Hunk
Level 27 Stately Worm Creature Tome
Level 28 Mr. Meddlesome Creature Tome
Level 29 Emerald Draco Creature Tome
Level 30 Bossy Sharkling Aggressive Creature Tome


Level Monster Coords
Level 25 Evil Sandbag Boss Aggressive E29, N02
Level 26 Big Brute Boss Creature Tome E23, N24
Level 28 Mr. Misfortune Boss E12, N23




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