The Personal Domain is where each player's private home and territory is located. Here the player can develop buildings which wll allow them to produce their own potions, create crystal rods and obtain treasure boxes via a faith-gathering system. In order to access and manage one's Personal Domain, the player must be over level 20 and be a member of a guild which has acheived Guild Level 2 or above. When the player logs in everyday they will obtain a number of working hours based on their level, which they can invest as they wish in upgrading any of the buildings present or constructing new buildings.

The buildings available in one's Personal Domain are your Home, Resource Storage, Personal Research and Development Office and Bell Tower. Similar buildings will also be present in one's Guild Territory. There are also some new buildings here which are not present in a Guild Territory, these are: Elemental Ore, Brick and Wood. These 3 buildings generate a fixed amount of their resources per hour and have a level cap of 5. These new buildings come with accompanying refineries, namely the ???, ??? and ???. These refineries can be placed after you have capped your mines increasing the resourse generation, and use up working hours as well

Then there are the buildings which produce items directly usable by the players in-game. These buildings are the Potion Building which allows you to craft high quality Potions, the Crystal Rod Building which allows you to craft consumable Gems and finally the Temple building. The Temple Building is unique in that it has its own resource called Faith. This building's ability is to make relic treasures of basic, medium and superior types. The max quantity of Faith available is dependent on the level of the Clan Temple building.

If you leave the guild, even though you will not be able to access the Domain interface, your Personal Domain’s advancement will not be affected. You’ll be able to access it again once you’ve joined a new guild. However, if the new guild is at a lower level than your Personal Domain, you will be restricted to construction of new buildings based on the highest level the new guild domain will allow.

Daily HoursEdit

Daily Hours are required for nearly all production and construction in the Domain. The available hours increases by 1 hour every 10 levels (or 6min per level), but can also be increased by constructing or upgrading a Bell Tower.