To enter the instance, double click the Bone Cave Switch located in Predators' Den (E04, N06) and select "Orwell's Regret [LV 30]"

Once you make your selection, you have 10 minutes to enter before the Labyrinth will collapse.

You have two hours to complete the instance. It is advised to team up in order to complete the instance.


To exit the instance, you have three options:

  1. Complete; kill the final boss in the instance and exit at the end
  2. Quit; walk through the portal at the beginning
  3. Fail the instance; either by dying or not completing the instance in time


See also: Category:Orwell's Regret Monsters

Name Lv
Pioneer Hound Aggressive 33
Evil Caterpillar Aggressive 33
Princely Otama Aggressive Creature Tome 33
Sly Masked Man Aggressive 33
Scurvy Sharkling Aggressive 34
Husky Guard Aggressive 34
Cave Dweller Aggressive 37
1-4 Vanguard Aggressive 37
Flaremane Aggressive 38


Level Monster Coords
35 Sharkling King Aggressive Boss E14, N15
38 Shade Draco Aggressive Boss E28, N22
39 Orwell's Shade Aggressive Boss Creature Tome E11, N26