This Feature has been discontinued and will no longer be available.


Selected Servers are marked for Open PvP. While on these servers, certain rules exists to render players capable of attacking other players, even out on the field. PvP itself is only available once a player is in a level 30+ field map. City Maps, as well as similar special event maps, do not apply.

PK RanksEdit

PK Rank is shown by the color of your name over your character's head, or by the name of others over their head. Different colors represent different ranks. Ranks are gained by killing other players aggressively, and are reduced gradually over time while grinding (killing monsters, not aggressively or tactically killing other players). A White or Purple Rank is capable of switching between White and Purple at will while not in combat.

Aggressive Kills are considered kills which are not provoked by an aggressive target (Target is White Rank). Tactical Kills are preemptive kills against non-white ranked players (for any reason, even as a pre-expected retaliation, or to just to have them drop items). Defensive Kills are retaliatory kills done to prevent another player from aggressively killing yourself.

Death may result in both exp penalty and item drops. Exp Penalties work the same as they do normally against monsters out of Open PvP. Item Drops include a limited chance of dropping a limited number of items, which do not include items marked as can't trade and any items already equipped. All else is available for dropping.


Players of this Rank are in PK Safe Mode. This does not mean they can not be attacked, this simply means they will not target players which will incur them a penalty. A Player of this Rank is capable of defensively killing another aggressive player without any penalties. Death in this state results in no loss.


Players of this Rank are in PK Combat Mode. This allows the player to initiate Aggressive or Tactical Kills against other Players. Aggressive Kills will raise PK Rank, while Tactical or Defensive Kills will have no penalties. Death in this state occurs the standard death penalty and a 30% item drop x2.


Players of this Rank come in several shades, depending on their PK Points. All Players of this Rank are basically Purple Rank except they are unable to switch to White Rank and they have an increased penalty on death. Death in this state increases the death penalty 7% and forces item drop x3 at 100%.

PK Point LadderEdit

  • Lightest: 1-2000
  • Light: 2001-4000
  • Solid: 4001-6000
  • Dark: 6001-8000
  • Darkest: 8001+

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