Ninja AssassinEdit

The Ninjutsu Path focuses on improving an Assassin's Magical potential. Most of their Ability modified Attack Skills do magic damage, and most of the Assassin's Magical Attack Skills are affected by Abilities from the Ninja Assassin. Very few of the Physical Attack Skills are affected by Abilities from the Ninja Assassin, although since most of the magic attacks depend on Prana instead of MP, they do get some good physical attacks to balance their attacks. This Path as a result has multiple Stats they are dependent on for dealing damage based on their Ability modified Skills, since they are required to do magical and physical damage.

Ability ListEdit

Rank 1Edit

Requirement: 0AP

NinjaAbility02 01Thunder Fang: ??? - improved Physical Damage / Cast Time.

NinjaAbility02 02Shuriken Master: Shuriken & Shuriken Storm - improved Physical Damage

NinjaAbility02 03Four Wheel Scroll: Magic Critical Improved.

Rank 2Edit

Requirement: 5AP

NinjaAbility02 04Quick Refining: Refine Prana - improved Cooldown.

NinjaAbility02 05Fiery Escape: ??? - improved Magical Damage.

NinjaAbility02 06Pyromancer: Fire Elemental Cast Time Improved.

Rank 3Edit

Requirement: 10AP

NinjaAbility02 07Cyclone: Ability Skill - Attack Skill/Escape Art, Wind, Single, Drain HP.

NinjaAbility02 08Bloodstain: ??? - improved Duration.

NinjaAbility02 09Torrent Escape: ??? - improved Magical Damage.

Rank 4Edit

Requirement: 20AP

NinjaAbility02 10Glimmer of Hel: Ability Skill - Attack Skill, Fire, Single, Combo.

¿åζº×¤êWater Sacrifice: ??? - improved Magical Damage / Cooldown.

Rank 5Edit

Requirement: 22AP

NinjaAbility02 11Earth Spirit: ??? - improved Magical Damage.

NinjaAbility02 12Element Refining: Prana cost Improved.

NinjaAbility02 13Umbra: Shadow/Shadow Army - improved Duration.

Rank 6Edit

Requirement: 30AP

¿½Å±Æʬ¿È¤Î½ÑShadow Army: Ability Skill - Effect Skill, summons 4 mirror images.



Rank 7Edit

Requirement: 40AP


Rank 8Edit

Requirement: 42AP




Rank 9Edit

Requirement: 50AP




Rank 10Edit

Requirement: 52AP




Rank 11Edit

Requirement: 63AP


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