This topic regards the Monster Encyclopedia and Monster Cast. Yeah, lets kill some monsters around and check the monster data recorded in the encyclopedia, but you must kill the same monster lots of times to reach 100% unlocking the monster cast of that monster you killed earlier, also you can check the concept art of it. There are lots of pages with 9 slots and some with 8 slots, so go looking wich monster can be added to the encyclopedia. Going into fields and dungeons will get you monster data, even field bosses and dungeon bosses, so if you found that cutie lil monster in your encyclopedia, go for it! You can transform yourself into that. Monster cast is a buff skill with 30 minutes duration and 1 hour recharge time, so don't you think you can go transforming anytime without waiting to transform again and you can't change the type of the monster you are currently transformed. Finnaly, some monsters has one skill that you can use while monster casting, so that will be cool when you find that skill you wanted to use. When you complete one line of the page, you unlock one prize following bingo's rules. 2 lines unlock the next item and the thrid item can be unlocked if you fill the page at 100%. You get costume sets, useful items, statistic jewels and even fairies you can get only here.. -Aoyuki

Here is some example of the concept art: