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  • I'm starting to dabble in making weapon pages. Since I don't necessarily have a layout created yet for them, coming to you for advice. :D


    Where it says "Ammunition" and where it says "Bullet".... what should I make their heading/title? For Glen Artillery, I basically combined the two and wrote "Type: Two-handed Artillery", but "Ammunition Bullet" just sounds completely redundant. If what I'm even asking makes any sense.... x.x" Thanks so much in advanced!

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    • As the pages for it says, it's just another supply item mostly. Make it like any of the miscelaneous stuff we've got in the Supplies Category, and add the extra information, saying that it "increases Weapon Attack" by 1-2 (or whatever). The two non-bullet items in Ammunition are for bombs after all (although Special Metal is supposed to make bullets too).

      Ammunition is not a weapon itself, even though bullets are going to be equipped beside the weapons, as they stack very well. The fussy details of how Ammunition works should be made clear on the Ammunition's Category page.

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    • Thanks so much xD And I know they're not weapons. It's just my mind is just all over the place right now and I just finished Glen Artillery and... blah! Thank you :D

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    • You haven't even got to enjoy the fun skills bring yet.~ THOSE are a bundle of fun.~

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    • Oh jeeze. -looks at the skill pages- Not even going to go there for how amazingly fun those look to making~ xDD

      -stays with my boring quest pages- :D

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  • Why did you delete the Grimores page?

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  • I've been following this page of yours(Via beanfun forum) & have it bookmarked.

    Keep up the great work!


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