Light ClericEdit

The Light Path focuses on improving a Cleric's Support potential. Most of their Ability modified Skills are Benefit Skills, and most of the Cleric Benefit Skills are affected by Abilities from the Light Cleric. Very few of the Attack Skills are affected by Abilities from the Light Cleric. Most of the Benefit Skills for Cleric are Healing Spells, as this Path features the most efficient methods of restoring HP.

Ability ListEdit

Rank 1Edit

Requirement: 0AP

3-01Medic: Heal - Improved Healing

3-02Extended Perception: Per Boost / Hymn of Per - Improved Stat Effect

3-03Mystic Aria: MP Recovery and Cast Speed increased.

Rank 2Edit

Requirement: 5AP

3-04Body and Mind: Con Power Up / Hymn of Con - Improved Stat Effect

3-05High Speed: Quick Cure - Improved Healing / Cast Time

3-06Reverence: Faith - Improved Max MP

Rank 3Edit

Requirement: 10AP

03-01Speed Healing: Ability Skill - Benefit Skill, Healing.

03-02Protection: Holy Aegis - Improved Damage Absorption

03-03Healing Prayer: Gradual Heal - Improved Healing

Rank 4Edit

Requirement: 20AP

ALight Guardian: Ability Skill - Benefit Skill, MP Healing.

Rank 5Edit

Requirement: 22AP

DDryad's Seed: Dryad's Root - Improved Magical Accuracy / Duration

SiLight of Heaven: Divine Glow - Improved Healing

1205-163216Aurora: Holy Beams - Improved Magical Damage and Magical Critical Effect.

Rank 6Edit

Requirement: 30AP

1205-162521Serenity: Ability Skill - Benefit Skill, AoE Healing.

À»¼Ô¤ÎÆ»Arise: Awaken - Improved Skill Duration.

ÂçÃϤθî±ÒEarth Guardian: Earth Barrier - Improved Skill Duration.

Rank 7Edit

Requirement: 40AP

¿À¤Î²¸·ÃGrace: Ability Skill - Benefit Skill, All Healing.

Rank 8Edit

Requirement: 42AP




Rank 9Edit

Requirement: 50AP


Rank 10Edit

Requirement: 52AP