The Guild Hinterlands interface has markers on it, with your guild starting on the rightmost marker. As your guild levels up, you will be able to move across the map.


There are three different types of markers on this map and unlocking them will unlock the following benefits:

  1. GeneralBase General Base – You're required to unlock these to gain access to further spots on the map.
  2. SpecialBase Special Base – With this base, guild members in an area will receive a special buff.
  3. InstanceBase Instance Base – With this base, all guild members will be able to enter the Domain Trial Ground in the region.

Instance BaseEdit

The Trial Grounds are separate instances that allow guild members to fight additional monsters and take on challenge quests for higher EXP. There are different Trial Grounds to unlock that are appropriate for different character levels.

Area Trial Ground Points Items
Predators' Den Lv 30 Trial Grounds 100 15 Predators' Den (Instance Stone)
Auma Trail Lv 40 Trial Grounds 1,010 25 Auma Trail (Instance Stone)
Valley of the Exiled Lv 50 Trial Grounds 3,200 35 Valley of the Exiled (Instance Stone)
Fallen Sky Range Lv 60 Trial Grounds 17,270 55 Fallen Sky Range (Instance Stone)
Relics of Sturluson Lv 70 Trial Grounds 39,100 60 Relics of Sturluson (Instance Stone)

Special BaseEdit

Guilds that level up their Hinterlands can receive additional buffs in certain maps for all the guild members when in that area.

Area Buff Points Items
Water Source Pure Water 10 10 Water Source (Special Stone)
Predators' Den Predatory Instinct 50 10 Predators' Den (Special Stone)
Outsider's Residence Outsider 560 20 Outsider's Residence (Special Stone)
Auma Trail Auma Fantasy 850 20 Auma Trail (Special Stone)
Sakura Shrine Sakura Season 1,880 30 Sakura Shrine (Special Stone)
Valley of the Exiled Deep Valley 2,050 30 Valley of the Exiled (Special Stone)
Dragonsbane Coast Dragonsbane Spear 9,030 40 Dragonsbane Coast (Special Stone)
Gray Timber Plains Prairie Breeze 9,630 40 Gray Timber Plains (Special Stone)
Fallen Sky Range Sky Blessing 12,270 50 Fallen Sky Range (Special Stone)
Soladis Thor's Roar 26,780 50 Soladis (Special Stone)


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