Guardian Path

Guardian KnightsEdit

The Guardian Path focuses on improving a Knight's Defensive potential. All of their Ability modified Skills expect (and sometimes require) a Light Weapon Styleone handed physical weapon and a Shield Weapon Stylephysical shield. Several ability modified skills increase Hate as well, giving this Path the highest tanking potential in the game.

Ability ListEdit

Rank 1Edit

Requirement: 0AP

Wave Power Heavy Metal: Shield Bash - improved Physical Damage / Duration.

Battle Management Battlefield Control: Forceful Strike - improved Physical Damage / Hate.

Skill Agile: Physical Evasion increased.

Rank 2Edit

Requirement: 5AP

Defense Focus Defensive Strategy: Plan of Defense - Physical Defense increased.

Plot Wind Up: Blade Whirl - improved MP Cost.

Secret of Derision Rabble-Rouser: Provoke Crowd - improved Cooldown / Hate.

Rank 3Edit

Requirement: 10AP

Spirit Life Life Force: Ability Skill - Benefit Skill, Summon.

Temple GuardValor: Fortitude - improved HP.

Negaora Discontent: Provoke - improved Hate / Cooldown.

Rank 4Edit

Requirement: 20AP

Raifingu Mettle: Ability Skill - Benefit Skill, Healing.

Rank 5Edit

Requirement: 22AP

Royal Guard Loyal Guardian: Sentinel - improved Cooldown / Area of Effect.

Rage Promise Rage Restraint: Raging Slash - improved Physical Damage / Cooldown.

Deep Attack Shock: Collision - improved Duration.

Rank 6Edit

Requirement: 30AP

Wall of Holy Light Rampart: Ability Skill - Benefit Skill, Protection.

Intently Intently: Iron Will - improved Duration.

Desperate Resolution Desperate Resolution: Invigorate - improved Duration.

Rank 7Edit

Requirement: 40AP

Impregnable Rampart: Ability Skill - Benefit Skill, Protection.

Rank 8Edit

Requirement: 42AP

Crushed Heavens Crushed Heavens: Sky Crusher - improved Duration / Cooldown.

Magic Wall Extension Magic Wall Extension: Magic Barrier - improved Duration / Cooldown.

Power Steel Power Steel: Solid Defense - improved Cooldown.

Rank 9Edit

Requirement: 50AP

Steel Armour of Gods Steel Armour of Gods: Ability Skill - Benefit Skill, Protection.

Rank 10Edit

Requirement: 52AP

Iron Shield Iron Shield: Wall of Holy Light - improved Damage Absorption.

Technique of False Gods Technique of False Gods: Solid Defense - improved Damage Absorption.