Fusion is a skill you can teach your sidekick. To teach your sidekick this skill, you will obtain a skillbook after completing Sidekick's New Power Pt.3. Fusion is the combination of ores in order to make more powerful ores. You may only fuse cetain like ores. The result is dependent upon your sidekick's favor.

The levels are:
Raw Stones: 11
Quartz: 41
Condensed Quartz: 61
Crystal Balls: 71

If you combine two like ores, it will always turn into the next level type.

Common + Different Common = Uncommon
Uncommon + Common = Rare
Rare + Common = Legendary
Legendary + Same Legendary = Next Level



The top section: This is your main ore that you are fusing another ore too. You should place your highest ore here.

The middle section: This is the list of ores you may combine to your main ore. You may only combine lower leveled ores to your main ore. If you fuse the ore to the first choice, it will result in a quartz. Under each choice, you have a success % rate.

The bottom section: This is what the result of your fusion will be.

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