1. Clear Article Stubs
  2. Complete Site Map Tree
  3. Finish Schematics & Cards
  4. Finish Status Items
  5. All Supply Lists
    • Companion Items
    • Treasure Items
    • Gacha Items
    • Alchemy Items
    • Ammunition
  6. Skills for:
  7. Weapon lists
  8. Identify all Expansion Changes
  9. Move Ores to new family template
  10. Do Wanted Pages
  11. Favicon
  12. Changing Monster_new template
    • Get rid of automatic linking in drops (causes too many problems with relinking and no drops/appraisals)
    • Fix the editing problem that causes multiples of it to appear
    • Fix the editing problem where it doesn't show the edit until you double-edit the same exact text

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