Destructive SorcererEdit

The Destruction Path focuses on improving a Sorcerer's damage dealing potential. Most of their Ability modified Skills are Fire Element StyleFire/Water ElementalWater Element Style, and most Fire/Water Elemental Skills are affected by Abilities from the Mystic Sorcerer. Very few of the Wind/Earth Elemental Skills are affected by Abilities from the Destructive Sorcerer. Fire and Water Magic has less focus on controlling and damaging in large areas, they specialize more on dealing high damage to single targets.

Ability ListEdit

Rank 1Edit

Requirement: 0AP

PT 000Elemental Master: Magic Missile / Frost Wave / Burn / Firestorm - improved Range.

PT 001Cold Snap: Frost Wave - improved Magical Damage.

PT 066Natural Disaster: Fire/Water Elemental Magic Critical Improved.

Rank 2Edit

Requirement: 5AP

PT 002Winter Storm: Blizzard - improved Magical Damage.

PT 003Ignite: Burn - improved Cast Time.

PT 070Magic Blast: Magic Critical Improved.

Rank 3Edit

Requirement: 10AP

PT 004Backdraft: Ability Skill - Attack Skill, Fire, Single, Combo.

PT 005Ice Mana: Frost Armor - improved MP Recovery.

PT 006Impede: Halt - improved Slow Effect.

Rank 4Edit

Requirement: 20AP

PT 007Fire and Ice: Ability Skill - Benefit Skill, Aggression.

Rank 5Edit

Requirement: 22AP

PT 008Raging Flames: Firestorm - improved Magical Damage.

PT 009Frost: Icy Wind - improved Duration / Status Effect.

PT 010Star Cluster: Flame Nova - improved Cooldown.

Rank 6Edit

Requirement: 30AP

PT 011Meteor Shower: Ability Skill - Attack Skill, Fire, Single.

PT 167Fire Spark: Pyrestone - improved Duration.

PT 168Secure: Spell Seal - improved Duration.

Rank 7Edit

Requirement: 40AP

PT 169Hocus Pocus: Ability Skill - Benefit Skill, Aggression.

Rank 8Edit

Requirement: 42AP

PT 203???:

PT 204???:

PT 205???:

Rank 9Edit

Requirement: 50AP

PT 206???:

Rank 10Edit

Requirement: 52AP

PT 249???:

PT 250???: