Every player receives a Common Equipment Box when making a new character. The common equipment box gives you a wide range of common quality equipment once you reach the designated level for redemption. You will receive a new equipment box every 5 levels after redeeming your current one. You stop receiving boxes after level 76. To open the box, simply right click it and you will receive the items inside of it. The boxes can't be traded or sold.

Level Reward
Level 1
Level 6
Level 11 Chance for:
Level 16 2 Un-Apparaised Items
(Lv 17 Key & Lv 17 Accessory)
Level 21 Chance for:
Level 26 Heal Sidekick Orb
Level 31 Chance for:
Level 36 3 Adv Weapon Stone
Level 41 Chance for:
Level 46 Chance for:
Level 51 Chance for:
Level 56 Chance for:
Level 61 Chance for:
  • ???
  • ???
Level 66 SP Reset Pill
Level 71 Chance for:
Level 76 ???

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