Staying SuppliedEdit

Supply Items are the entire list of general usage items found throughout the game which you carry around with you. They are also especially easy to stock up on, as Supply Items are the only Item Type which can be stacked (allowing more than one item to fit inside a single space in your backpack). But beyond this, there are numerous types of Supply Items.

Types of SuppliesEdit

  • Consumables: These items are carried around in the backpack for usage at any time in the field. Double clicking these items (or using them from a hotkey bar) will have the item cause an effect on the character that used them, or the current target. Many Consumables have a Cooldown before they can be used again.
  • Pets: These items are special items which can only be used on the actively summoned sidekick or a minipet.
  • Treasure: These items all involve items which contain other items. Such items can be found in places such as Quests, Creature Tomes, and Domains. Sometimes, these items require a Key to open.
  • Eggs: ???
  • Gacha: Similar to Treasure, these items also give a random item, but they offer a much larger element of risk and much more significant rewards. Gacha are very common in the Item Mall, and are a central reward for all Weekly Quests.
  • Cards: These items are used for equipment crafting, and are usually required in a fairly large supply.
  • Schematics: These usable items are for learning new crafting recepies beyond basic crafting.
  • Ores: These items are used to strengthen equipment, as well as craft some of the most powerful types of equipment.
  • Alchemy: These items are used to improve success rates of various tasks. They are also used to assist with other situations, such as preserving exp on death or to identify an item in the field.
  • Potential Orbs: These usable items are used to teach new Potential Skills.
  • Quests: Certain items are attained but to not appear in the players main backpack, instead they go to the Quest Backpack. Additionally, certain usable items which are used to start a quest may appear in the Main Backpack (as well as the Quest Backpack). Both of these together are items significant for the completion of quests.
  • Useless: Various items have no direct function in the game (although many can still be used in quests), but a specific button in any NPC's selling menu will allow the player to sell all items of this type. These items are best used to gain money.
  • Ammo: These item types are special items required by Machinist to use many of their skills, and even their normal attacks.

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