Ores for embeddingEdit

By level:
Raw Stones: 11
Quartz: 41
Condensed Quartz: 61
Crystal Balls: 71

Ores for CraftingEdit

Special Ores are also required for Crafting Legendary Weapons and Cores. These Core Ores are exclusively dropped from Bosses. As well, there are even Divine Ores which are for Crafting Mythical Weapons and Cores, which can only be found in Battle Zones.

Weapon OresEdit

Melee (Light/Heavy)Edit

Magical (Light/Heavy)Edit

Dual Wield (Blades/Fists)Edit


Shields (Physical/Magical)Edit

  • ???

Core OresEdit

Cloth CoresEdit

  • ???

Light CoresEdit

  • ???

Heavy CoresEdit

  • ???