In your quests through Divina, you will encounter many monsters in many lands and regions. Monsters can be defined as passive or aggressive. Aggressive monsters will have red names, while passive monsters have orange names. Aggressive monsters will attack players if they are in a close proximity or the player attacks the monster. However, passive monsters only attack the player after the player attacks the monster.

While regular simple monsters do wander the lands, there are still select locations where Boss Monsters can be found guarding key locations. Boss monsters are more difficult to defeat, with higher HP and strength. Although, boss monsters tend to give out better rewards upon defeat.

All monsters will drop a certain amount of gold and experience points to the player or team who defeated the monster. When in a team, the gold and experience are divided equally to each member. Monsters also have a chance to drop certain items or appraise-able items. These drops can be used to advance game play, participate in quests, or are simply junk drops.

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