The maps of Divina are seperated into 3 seperate realms: Midgard, the realm of the humans. Asgard, the realm of the gods. And Hel, the realm of the demons. You will mainly play in the areas of Midgard, Asgard, and Hel. But you also have Neo Sacred Springs, which is the future version of Sacred Springs, also known a beginner's area.

Map KeyEdit

YourlocationYour Location
NewQuestUnaccepted Quest
?? Finished Quest
NewRepeatUnaccepted Repeatable Quest
?? Finished Repeatable Quest
WheelerWheeler Merchant
WeaponWeapon Merchant
GroceryGrocery Merchant
StorageStorage Manager
GuildGuild Manager
WeaponCraftWeapon Crafting Machine
CoreCraftingCore Crafting Machine
WCardResourcesWeapon Card Resources
CCardResourcesCore Card Resources
BlimpConductorBlimp Conductor

Major RegionsEdit

Note: Maps are interactive. Clicking on the area of the map you wish to see will bring you to that map's page.

Neo Sacred Springs

City RuinsDry Crystal LakeCityRuins

Midgard - Sacred Springs

Sacred SpringsCrystal LakePredators' DenWater SourceSacredSprings

Midgard - Wind Kingdom

The Wind KingdomOutsider's ResidenceAuma TrailValley of the ExiledSakura ShrineWindKingdom

Midgard - Limestone City

Relics of SturlusonLimestone CityDragonsbane CoastGray Timber PlainsFallen Sky RangeSoladisLimestoneCity

Asgard - Land of Omens

Horn RidgeThe Land of OmensLandofOmens

Hel - Dire Lowlands

Dire LowlandsDireLowlands

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