Creature Tome


The Creature Tome is a feature in Divina which allows you to collect monster information. Certain monsters on each map will be in a creature tome, you will be able to gather their information by defeating them. You must complete the area's prerequisite quest in order to start obtaining information on the monsters in that area.

Once you get into Sacred Springs you will receive the quest Creature Tome Pt.1, which will let you access your creature tome and you can begin obtaining information for Sacred Springs.

Each monster has a specific number you need to kill to complete the progress bar, once this is complete you can use the mimicry function and view the monster's concept art. You will also earn extra rewards by making connections; vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. You will get a reward for the first two connections you make and one for completing the whole page.


TomeIcon Access Creature Tome

Mimicry Mimic the monster

ConceptArtView View concept art

Creature Tome ListEdit

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