• Rxchris

    Divinas' In-game Events

    August 21, 2012 by Rxchris

    Events are a daily occurrence on Divina. There are four different types of events:

    • System Events
    • Immortal (GM) Hosted Events
    • Envoy of the Immortal Hosted Events
    • Forum Events

    Here is the list of recurring events that happen in-game with complete information.

    • Knowledge Master
    • Treasure Hunt
    • Ubajin Fiesta

    Host: GMs
    Descramble event is where the GM zone chat the word in scrambled letters and the player is required to whisper the GM hosting the event the correct answer to win fabulous prizes. The answers are not case sensitive, but more likely you should whisper them with correct spelling. Words used in the event are all from Divina's In-game NPC,Item,Maps etc.

    • Kuma Bear (Mini) x2
    • Secret Elixirs x2
    • Sidekick Book (Basic) x2

    Event Time:

    • Thursda…

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  • DestinySonata

    Honestly, it's great. The graphics are great, the gameplay is good and the leveling up speed isn't half bad either. However though, I feel like I'd want a bigger population. It'd be more fun to easily find parties and go on instances often rather then wait for hours looking for a party that'll accept you. Really annoying, but I guess it go like that since I'm not in a guild. I just end up asking my friends to go with me or accompany them to be able to go in an instance dungeon.

    Oh, and if anyone wondered what kind of knight I made, it's a hybrid. Hybrid as in, I have specialty points allocated to Guardian (21) and Destroyer (10). Mostly though I'm a DPS, but if the time calls it, I can also be tank. Like if the party can't find a tank, I'll…

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  • LilLanie

    Skill Delay

    July 13, 2012 by LilLanie

    A point of significant confusion is the subtle difference between cast time and cast speed of all skills. Cast Time is the time (in seconds) where a character is left immobile to prepare a skill before use. Cooldown is the time after a skill is used before it can be used again. Cast Speed, as well as Attack Speed, are both part of a calculation for after a skill or normal attack is used to determine how long before any other action is available (also known as After-cast Delay). By default, this delay for skills is around an average of 0.5s, but can be made shorter or longer depending on improvements or reductions to Cast Speed, but also accounts for Attack Speed (which is also dependent on weapon).

    This means, while some skills may have no …

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  • Bibbidi Bobbidi

    I get picky when it comes to photos x.x It's weird, I know. But I just love having the best possible photos for others to see!

    So, when uploading photos to the wiki, some general recommendations:

    • Don't have the NPC/monster selected (the little blue circle will appear on the ground)
    • Scroll over the NPC/monster to get the best lighting
    • Have the photos be square (200x200, 450x450, etc)(Tons of exceptions for this one! But it can be done with most monsters, NPCs, Items, Sidekicks, etc.)
    • Try to have .png format! = best resolution

    Of course, not all of these can be followed. Sometimes with aggressive monsters, trying to get a picture of them without aggro is impossible. Some people can only use paint, so they can only have .jpg. But these are just som…

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  • Bibbidi Bobbidi


    July 8, 2012 by Bibbidi Bobbidi

    Hi there! I am writing this blog to let you know about creating some pages! :D We here at Divina Wikia would love that you could use templates when creating certain pages. It makes for a more consistent and clean wikia. Also it makes it much easier for you to add the information versus toggling around with tables and source mode! :D

    Adding a template is really easy! When creating an article, you have a number of features on the area to the right of where you're typing. If you scroll down the area you will see a "Templates" category. Select "Add other templates" and then either type in the template you're looking for in the search bar or select it if it is in the "Most Frequently Used" section.

    More template basic information can be seen here…

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  • LilLanie

    Stat Guide

    April 14, 2012 by LilLanie

    Warning: This guide relates to the JP version, as it was created before our version existed.

    Some people might be nervous about how to use stats, worried because they think they will break their characters. Others might feel that they now have complete control and independence with how their character is built. It should be known, but both of the above are simply illusions when it comes to Stats in Divina.

    A warning, the below information was recorded based on how stats perform in the Japanese Servers. Over there, Int and Str do 3 times less for adding damage than they do in the English Servers. Also, the Stats were renamed (JP->EN): Dex->Per, Agi->Dex, Mid->Spi, Vit->Con.

    As people may already know, the maximum you can get if you dump all yo…

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