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Aurora is Garrett’s lifelong friend. Descended from a long line of Clerics, Aurora has practiced light and dark magic since she was very young. Her talent with healing and protective magic is second to none. Her powers often come in handy whenever Garrett overestimates his strength. Someday, she wishes to learn every spell, to be able to help as many people as possible. For now, she takes pride in knowing that she’s able to protect Garrett in her own way. She looks up to him as a younger sister would an older brother. And like true siblings, Garrett loves teasing the gullible Aurora, but would do anything to protect her.

Aurora has always had a keen ability to sense disturbances within nature around her. Just before the strange earthquake that signaled the beginning of Ragnarok, she felt a particularly strong sense of foreboding and entered the forest to investigate. Thankfully, Garrett was nearby to help her.

When the earthquake subsided, Aurora and Garrett ran back to their village. Unfortunately, there was nothing Aurora could do to save their people. After caring for the dead, she and Garrett set out for Sacred Springs, to fulfill his father’s wishes.